Monday, June 29, 2009

URGENT: Tell The Governor to Rescind His Order to Secretary Adams

As the doomsday nears, it looks more and more likely that the State of Illinois will be dealing with a massive crisis on July 1st and thousands of disabled, elderly and children will be left without services.

Last week, Governor Quinn ordered DHS Secretary Carol Adams to proceed with the implementation of the draconian budget cuts. When agencies asked how to deal with the thousands of people who will be displaced by these cuts, the Secretary had no response.

With 2 days left, the only course of action now is to urge Governor Quinn to rescind his order to Secretary Adams.

Please call, e-mail and fax the following message to Governor Quinn's Chief of Staff Jerome Stermer using the contact information below:

Jerome Stermer's Phone Number Chicago: 312-814-2121
Phone Number Governor Quinn's Office: 312-814-5220
Fax Number Chicago: 312-814-4794
Fax Number Springfield: 217-524-4049

"Please tell Governor Pat Quinn that he has the authority to direct the Department of Human Services to issue continuation contracts with human service agencies to begin July 1, 2009 while he and the legislature continue budget discussions. The Governor does not have to decree that the cost-cutting contained in the “Doomsday” budget start immediately.

Please tell Governor Pat Quinn that he has other choices than to direct Secretary Adams to cut services effective July 1, 2009. People with disabilities are counting on you to get this message to the governor. We are counting on the governor to do the right thing and order Secretary Adams to issue continuation contracts."

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