Friday, June 19, 2009

"Everybody has something to give"; Steinberg and Schmich Editorials Elaborate on Cuts

Neil Steinberg's article in the Sun Times today points out that taxpayers have a civic duty to fund human services and introduces us to Jack Phillips, a 78 year old man who receives services from Albany Care in Evanston. His care-giver Maureen Drueck says rather appropriately that "everyone has something to give."

Mary Schmich's article in the Chicago Tribune covers yesterday's protest rally at the Thompson Center and points out the devastating affects of the budget cuts on all citizens in Illinois.

A clever cartoon recently posted in the State Journal Register in Springfield illustrates the potential consequences of the budget cuts. Sadly, the story it tells is not far from the truth.

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  1. Instead of pulling at peoples heartstrings, how about encourage citizens to give generously to people and causes that matter to them without the broken arm of government.