Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Balanced Budget? You Be The Judge

The state’s so-called “balanced budget” leaves a $9.2 billion funding gap and forces massive cuts in fundamental state services. As a result, over 1 million of the state’s most vulnerable individuals will lose services and as many as 25,000 of these individuals will be forced into unemployment. These cuts will inevitably cost the state more money in the long run and will be immeasurably detrimental to the fabric of our communities in Illinois.
Please urge your legislators not to balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable citizens in Illinois.


  1. I'm a severely learning disabled adult who works with mental & physical disabilities on Chicago's North side. I enjoy my job working at the front desk and I don't want to risk getting laid off come July 1st if this budget isn't balanced properly. Gov. Quinn, you and your fellow lawmakers need to get this budget squared away so that people with disabilities like myself can keep Illinois working for a long time to come. GET IT DONE!

  2. The legislators and the governor have to figure this out. Every family in Illinois is impacted in some way by the social services that are being cut. This is a travesty.

  3. This budget has to be fixed. I work with adults with mental & physical disabilities. There are going to be some that are going to be out in the street. They don't have the ability to care for their self how will they be able to get a job to be able to eat. Some need staff to make sure that they take their meds on time. Do you know what might happen if these people don't get their meds.If the budget is not fixed there are going to be children with no body to care for them. What did they do to deserve this. Will the Gov., Senators, or the state Represenative going to take them home and care for them. I think they should stop taking raises and let that money help balance the budget.