Friday, June 12, 2009

What does Taxpayers for Illinois want?

First and foremost we want to inform you of the facts:

It will cost Illinois more money in the long run if we don't support a tax increase now. Legislators have slashed funding to human services by 50%. This means that many agencies will have to close their doors as a result of the cuts. We cannot “cut” our way out of the budget crisis that the state faces. Taxes must be increased in order to support the entire infrastructure of the state.

Human services that support childcare, developmental disabilities, mental illness, domestic violence and homeless services among other important societal supports are being slashed. In two weeks, thousands of people who depend on the state of Illinois will be turned out of their homes, lose their jobs and be robbed of their dignity.

On average, a tax increase might cost you as little as $1 a day which is less than your morning cup of coffee.

Why should you care?

Cuts to Human Services will not save the state money, as a lack of services will create a social crisis which will have to be offset by other state systems and/or local government systems.
People who lose services will end up in hospital emergency rooms, courtrooms, jails, prisons and state institutions. These emergency services are much more expensive in dollars and in human costs than the services that will be cut to save money in the state budget.

Elimination of services will not only hurt people receiving services but will also have a multiplier effect of creating massive lay offs in the Social Service sector in Illinois. This will drive more demand for government services and yet reduce the state coffers as people cease paying income taxes and spend less money in their communities.

Imagine these effects magnified throughout the city and across the entire state. In the midst of a serious recession, the legislature would be setting off a job loss spiral that would mirror the crisis that is currently plaguing the auto industry.

What can you do?

Contact your legislators via snail mail, phone, fax or e-mail and urge them to reverse the budget cuts to human services in Illinois.

What's next?

Please follow this blog on a daily basis for more information about how you can help.


  1. I had no idea it would cost so little to support so much!

  2. This site ( is a great resource, too. See "Find Your Officials" in red in the upper right hand corner, then enter your zip code to email your local representatives and the governor in one email. You can also send a letter to Illinois Senators, post your letter to their website, and/or request a response.

  3. It sounds like we all need to spread the word about this critical issue. Tell your friends and family.

  4. There is much to be said and it needs to reach many ears.

    I for one can live with a tax increase to help people in need if those with resources tighten their belts and material items wait/become postponed.

  5. I'm a severely learning disabled adult who works at a facility that helps those with mental & physical disabilities on Chicago's North side. I really enjoy my job working at the front desk! Gov. Quinn, you are not Blagojevich! You and your fellow lawmakers need to get this budget properly balanced and quick! If you have to raise taxes, go for it! People like me need to work, even in this recession. I'm a proud working man, and I don't want to get laid off if these cuts become a reality! GET THIS BUDGET DEAL DONE NOW!