Monday, June 29, 2009

"Our View: Illinois kicks disabled out of wheelchairs - again"

The media continues to respond to the issue even if the politicians do not.

Terry Bibo's article in the Peoria Journal-Star on Sunday points out that even when funds are allotted to those in need, the money is often poorly spent.

And this editorial, "Our View: Illinois kicks disabled out of wheelchairs - again" also from Sunday's Peoria Journal-Star, expresses advocates' outrage at legislators using their citizens as pawns in their politicking. An excerpt is included below:

"....we are nothing short of livid when we read, as we did in the Chicago Tribune last week, that many legislators would prefer not to vote on any tax hike until they think it's safe to do so - after the Nov. 2 filing deadline, when they'll know whether they have a primary challenge next year. The self-preservation crowd can do us all a favor and resign now. They are walking and talking advertisements for term limits.

Our mood does not improve when we read in this newspaper about Rep. Jehan Gordon passing the buck for these cuts to Republicans and the governor, as if she as a legislator in the dominant party has no responsibility at all. Make no mistake, this meltdown rests at the feet of majority Democrats, so far. Yes, Gordon is young and a rookie, but comments like those are no way to earn an endorsement
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