Friday, June 26, 2009

"It's A Pretty Safe Group To Pick On"

Taken from an editorial in the Chicago Tribune today:

"Every year, it's the social service agencies who are left out on that limb, never sure they'll get enough money to keep doing their very difficult jobs. In the end, we suspect, Doomsday will be averted once again. But it's unforgivable that the sick, impoverished and disabled are held hostage year after year after year -- and it's especially disappointing that it was Quinn who played the card this time.

The nice-guy governor probably thought he had set the stakes unacceptably high by promising drastic cuts to programs for orphans and elders. The truth is, it's a pretty safe group to pick on. Politicians don't lie awake worrying that the social services lobby will run them out of office."

Meanwhile, two Chicago White Sox speak out against the impending budget cuts.

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  1. I wonder if the Trib and others in industry and business would be willing to give up their tax breaks and subsidies... even if just for a year or two.