Thursday, July 9, 2009

Progress Illinois

Please take a look at for a geographical breakdown of the cuts including the statistical ramifications that are already in place.

Despite the fact that legislators plan to go back to work on the budget on July 14th, the cuts to social services have already had a tragic effect on people across illinois.

Please call your legislators and tell the following:

1. Restore all cuts to human services.

2. A 10% cut to human services is simply not acceptable when we already rank last among the states in Developmental Disabilities (2009 State of the States Report, David Braddock, Ph.D.).

3. Vote NO to the override of SB 1197, the "doomsday" budget.

4. Vote NO to the override of HB 2145.

5. Vote YES to pass HB 174. This is the income tax increase we parents and advocates support.

It could be your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, sister or brother affected by these cuts. Besides the individuals no longer receiving services already, you have put out of work the low income staff that served these individuals. Lost services and lost jobs in the State that ranks 51st are unacceptable. Please do the right thing and pass a humane budget that serves all of Illinois’ citizens.

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