Friday, July 3, 2009

The Impact on Clearbrook

The following was information received from Tony Paulauski at the Arc of Illinois:

CLEARBROOK - 25 Staff were terminated July 1st and are no longer working today (July2) ONE WAS MAY SON'S (MITCH WHO HAS AUTISM) MAIN WORKER THAT ALLOWED HIM TO WORK. Now what? He sits all day and has negative behaviors!

80 long term clients did not come to Clearbrook today and were told to stay home! "We can't serve you anymore!!!!" SOME HAVE BEEN SERVED BY CLEARBROOK FOR MORE THAN 25 YEARS! Lost jobs; parent has to stop working to stay home to take care the child with disabilities!

Stop playing politics with our kids' lives. But for the grace of G-d it could be your child or grandchild. You can't cut 5, 6 or 7+ billion. We are 47th/51st already before these cuts. This is a tragedy that could have been avoided. There must be more revenue, a permanent solution.

The blood well flow, literally. Just do what must be done. have a conscience. just do the right thing. this time, those that DON'T vote for a tax increase will be the ones we will not support financially or with votes. You have forced, you have motivated families who were never active in campaigns to become extremely vocal.

Brian Rubin

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