Monday, July 20, 2009

Families Feel The Pain

While Human Services agencies wait to find out what kind of funding they will receive it is important to continue to communicate with your legislators and the press.

Please take a look at this letter to the editor from yesterday's State Journal-Register:

Funding ‘solution’ will hurt many families

"While Gov. Pat Quinn saved private human service agencies from disaster by vetoing the doomsday budget, most of them will still not receive the funding they require from the new budget to meet the needs of our citizens. By not increasing income taxes, the legislature left the governor with the unenviable task of having to decide which services will receive the heaviest reductions and which will be given barely enough to keep going.

The patchwork funding he was left to deal with is not a permanent answer — it only postpones for a few months the necessary steps we must take to get Illinois back on a firm financial footing. These cuts, coupled with horrendous delays in state reimbursement, will put many community service agencies out of business in the months ahead.

Maybe then, when enough families feel the pain, they will generate pressure on our legislators to do the right thing."

Don Moss
Illinois Human Services Coalition

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