Monday, July 13, 2009

Last Chance for Humane Legislation

Legislators Go Back To Work On Tuesday

When the legislators go back into session tomorrow, one of three things may happen:

1. The legislators may override the Governor’s veto of their budget and the cuts will stand.
2. A temporary budget may be passed which would restore funding for some or all of the human services programs.
3. A new budget could be worked out between the legislature and the Governor.

Please continue all of your advocacy efforts in one final push to get the legislators to do the right thing.

More Media Coverage of the Cuts

Christina Wright's piece for the Associated Press, "In budget limbo, Ill. agencies begin cutting back" and Phil Kadner's article, "Writer lives in fear he'll wake up and aides won't be there" both discuss the devastating effects that the budget cuts have had on people in Illinois.

Finally, here is a video that explains the results of the cuts on The Neumann Association , a social services agency on the north side of Chicago that serves adults with mental illness and developmental disabilities.

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  1. Thank you very much for making this video... I am a parent whose adult child has been on your waiting listing for group home placement for over 3 years. This video brought tears to my eyes. Michelle is right many family's will need to leave their jobs because with the loss of services. I am one of those parents.