Monday, August 24, 2009

Thank You From Taxpayers For Illinois

In May, after a long winter of debating amongst politicians, social services agencies, citizens and families across the state of Illinois were thrown into a budget crisis. Eventually, many clients served by these agencies were denied services and agencies were forced to give their staff lay-off notices.

Thankfully, due to concerned citizens like you, this crisis has been temporarily averted. Over the past 3 months, you called, e-mailed, wrote letters, sent faxes, protested in Springfield and made personal visits to the Governor and your elected officials' offices. And for that, we want to send you a huge, heart-felt THANK YOU...our efforts as a community of providers, care-givers and concerned citizens were ultimately successful.

State funding has been temporarily restored for a majority of human service agencies through December of 2008!

While many agencies are working towards a model of service that no longer relies on state funding (and the political and draconian slashing of services that come with it), we are always in need of alternative sources of funding.

Taxpayers for Illinois will be here monitoring legislator’s decisions around support for this kind of funding. Thank you for reading and look for more info again after Labor Day.


  1. Til December?? It fixes NOTHING -- thousands have already been laid off and are out of work! Thousands more have already been hospitalized due to lack of services! It's ridiculous to think this is a fix of any sort!

  2. This is excellent news! Thank you "Taxpayers for Illinois" for advocating in the way that you have and providing updated and informed news on what is going in in our State.